Monday, April 16, 2007

oh the weather outside is frightful

blech. today the weather is ghastly. it snowed snowed snowed overnight and then rained rained rained this morning. this is beth and i in a sad state after our swim today.

there was about a foot of slushy thick wet snow on the road and sidewalks. i cleverly wore my boots, beth in her runners. however i soon discovered that my faithful wellies have 2 cracks in my left (your right) boot.
this is now my second pair of boots busted in 2.5 years. what can i say. i wear them pretty much through all four seasons.
i am looking forward to the warmer weather that the weather network is promising for the end of the week.

goodbye faithful flower and heart rainboots. i loved you much.


Pat & Ali said...

No Kiddin -Hey?! They've busted!?! I saw a whole bunch of new ones in a store the other day and thought to myself... Ah now Kate would LOVE to find this particular shoe isle!

Call me and I will tell you where you can purchase (and quite cheaply!) some new lovely pair... -unless you already have!

(By the way it WAS TERRIBLE weather on that particular day -wasn't it!?! OY VEY! I got a soaker going to the corner taking Babs to her bus! Drat and double drat!)

(OH! And I like what you've done to the place here!) xo
xoxo Ali

Pat & Ali said...

(Hokey Dinah! LOL! That last comment wasn't a comment at all! It was a post on your blog! Sorry! LOL!!!!!)

(Snicker, snicker!)
Ali ;)

Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

Oh no!!! Not the boots!! Is there a Kate without the boots. I do not know her!!!