Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Beth has encouraged me to start swimming. It is lovely! The public pool here is 30 dollars for 3 months if you are a student. So that is awesome.
So the month of april will consist of studying and swimming and spending quality time with people that I haven't seen over the past semester because of all the busy-ness. Starting with Todd and Shannon and James and Keegan this friday. Hurrah!!
I'd also like to maybe join a canoeing club this summer, however it is a little intimidating when there is no one else to do it with. Where are my canoeing buddies?

Also, I really wanted to put a picture of Nancy and I in our matching bathing suits from our LIT days, but alas i have none saved to the computer and no scanner. ah well. Nin you know what i'm talking about. B's and birkenstocks. an ode to Enid.

Love to the SK today.


Anonymous said...

We are sooooo looking forward to hangin' with you guys!! It's been way too long!


Anonymous said...

hi kate,
i would love to go canoeing with you

Nancy Jean said...

Oh, i remember! what fun times. your canoeing buddies are here in SK..and the lakes and rivers are calling your name.
that is a beautiful picture.
enjoy the water :)
love solo