Sunday, June 08, 2008

i think i may

begin to blog again


Julie said...

yes do! i would like to read about what's up. i like your blog's new look, by the way.
hugs from belfast!
julie xo

Nancy Jean said...

is that your wedding dress? maybe i should wear yourS?! :)

katevp said...

ninny go,
you certainly could! the only thing is it has a hole in one of the layers or organza. i discovered it at the end of the night. more like a shred, but probably fixable. but i love your dress!!!

let me know, fixing my dress with a new layer may be more cost effective. i can always send it to you! i love my dress. more photos are on facebook.

i sure am glad that you b's are the first to comment on the newly reinstated blog!