Saturday, June 21, 2008

quilty quilters!

Recently, we had a small baby shower for our friend Marie.
which finally
brought back the quilting bug for me...
it's been over a year since i made my last quilt

but here she is...

it would seem that nobody ever wants to find out what gender of baby
they are having, thus the reason for gender neutral colours.
it can be difficult, there are only so many fabrics in YELLOW and GREEN!!

i was pleased to discover that this pattern only took me an afternoon to cut and piece together... sewing on the ric rac was an entirely different story... done by hand with many frustrated moments, it took up most of my time.

the back of the quilt is a
bubbly little bit of flannelette.
most of my baby quilts are backed
with flannelette as it is unbelievably soft.

and my very favourite thing was this....

a diaper cake!

and while it was much easier and much faster to make than the quilt,
i am almost more proud of it!
a beautiful addition to any shower.

with regards to the quilting, i have been again thinking about selling my quilts, but unless i have a specific person to make them for, i seem to lack all motivation.
this summer my work hours have been put down to part-time, which would (should) give me a perfect opportunity to work on both quilts and cards....
but where is the motivation (or perhaps inspiration)?

how do i take a little hobby and make it more than that?

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Catherine et Nathanaƫl said...

I support your idea of quilting...

Check out amelia's website she's make sewing animals into a real business... you may be able to keep making quilts to sell later on if you decide to stay home with children...

your quilt for Marie looks beautiful