Sunday, August 31, 2008

Simon's 1st Birthday!

so our lovely little next-door-baby turned one on August 19th.

simon is my special little man, as i was privileged to be at his birth a year ago.

we had a small little 'neighbours' party. sadly, ryan and sara were away, so it was ben and sarah and thom and i celebrating one year of life.

simon and 'auntie' kate

simon and 'uncle' thomas

simon and sarah; his mama

simon and sara; the mama, and benoit; the papa

Happy Birthday Simon!
you are a wonderful little man with a LOT of personality.
i look forward to another exciting year!

And thank you to Ben and Sarah for always including Thom and I your lives.
We love you all soooo much!

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Catherine et Nathanaƫl said...

Your blog is looking good. Thanks for the pictures of Simon's birthday. I'm so glad you guys were able to enjoy it together.