Thursday, September 25, 2008

ode to an ironing board

A real conversation:

Rodney brings in his ironing board to do some ironing
Kate-"oh Rodney, i'm so jealous of your ironing board"
Rodney-"don't you have one?"
Kate-"yes... but yours is soooooo big!"

Since I became a quilter I have had a few different ironing boards.

The small green one was given to me by a friend. I was still in residence in first year and did not have one.

When Thom and I got married we upgraded to a bigger ikea one. Rather flimsy and not very big.

Then this year for my birthday, my lovely husband bought me a real true ironing board.
A few people were worried that my husband was going to be in trouble for getting me such a domestic item for my birthday. Truly it was one of my best presents ever. Every time i take it out to iron, i say and say "this is the best ironing board ever"

to put the size of these ironing baords into perspective here are Charlie and I beside the original ironing board. the 'baby' if you will.

keep in mind that Charlie is a mini weenie.

that is some small ironing board.

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Melissa said...

My mom used to just iron on a towel on the floor.