Sunday, October 26, 2008

the newest quilt!

Here is a new little quilt for the lovely Wilkins babe to be!

I am finding that my quilting is taking less and less time,
i started this one on Wednesday and finished it this morning.
total time approximately 6

Thomas thought it looked a little familiar...
i wasn't sure why, until we compared it to the quilt i made for him when we started dating.

here are thom and i holding up the 2 quilts.

as per usual, the back was done in a little bit of flannelette.
this particular pattern i found at the craft/fabric/sewing show with my mom and cousin Colleen. Colleen has all the inside scoops on where to get the best stuff and have the best days ever!!!

Stay tuned for pictures from my Sasky adventure!


Stu said...

Very nice!! Only 6 hours - that is very impressive!! Almost as good as your leafathon in Sask!

Nancy Jean said...

ohhh, i look forward to sasky adventure pics! can you help me make a quilt someday, oh crafty one? ;) miss you, nj

Anonymous said...

njb! i would love to teach you to quilt! anyday. I miss you too! sorry i didn't call you the other night, i didn't get home til late, now I am working wed and thurs night.

maybe saturday some time?

love you!

and stu-bird... it is like that leaf-a-thon, but i have no one to spur me on here... i sometimes get distracted.

maybe you could send me a recording of your voice...
"keep sewing kate..."
"kate don't stop now..."
"kate i can't hear your sewing machine..."

it would be quite helpful!

miss all you b's and n's!!

love kvpa

The Noisy Plume: said...

Oh boy.
You're putting my quilts to SHAME.