Friday, November 21, 2008

gas prices

2 days ago i filled up the little golf at 78.8
i thought to myself: "this is magical!
i never thought gas would ever be below a dollar again in my lifetime,
this is the lowest it has been in weeks,
i AM a winner!"

the next day gas dropped to 75.3


thom says it doesn't amount to much in dollars

clearly the non-driver does not understand the principle of finding the lowest gas prices ever.

note that the non driver thing is not a real dig as thom being a non-driver ensures the fact that i always have the car when i need it! ;)


Melissa said...

I went out the other day, after having a baby two weeks earlier, and I felt I'd stepped back in time with the gas at 78 cents a Litre. It WAS magical.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I know.
I filled our truck up for $20 here the other takes 18 gallons!
We're down to $1.33/Gal here in Idaho. WOOT!

Melissapher said...

Ditto! My husband and I just moved from the San Francisco Area (aka expensive), and on our way to Utah the gas prices were getting lower and lower. It's a little silly that someone could get so worked up over 10 cents here and 10 cents there, but it's huge!

Holly said...

oh man i thought you meant $78 to fill up the car, since less than a dollar I do not compute. i think its around $2.40 here and that's not even high. :/