Thursday, January 26, 2012

small style #34

it's been pretty nice to have miss Isla back to her usual happy go lucky self :)

she's back at day care, and lovin' life.

this is another new trick
she makes this face and says: "hoo hoo hoo"

all dressed up and ready to go to day care for the day.

shirt: Old Navy, consigned
jeans: Old Nacy, borrowed
slippers: Robeez, consigned

bellaclava: Joe's, $1.99!
jacket: Mexx, from Auntie Danielle & Uncle Alex :)
mittens: Roots, consigned

i surely love the thrifty-ness that i have been able to adopt when buying 'new' clothes for her.
i also love love love Isla's new coat, it's warm, it's long, it's fur trimmed, 
and bee-u-ti-ful!
thanks Auntie Dani and Uncle Alex!

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amy said...

she is so cute she is an amazing little girl