Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekly dozen

a good friend of mine, a faraway friend who despite distance and a lack of constant communication, remains a very very good and close friend, started a group of us off in the New Year doing a weekly dozen list.

this is a list of 12 things that we have been thankful for in the last week.
there are 8 of us.
me, the above good friend, her sister (also a good friend), their cousin in law (who, though briefly meeting at first good friend's wedding, i would consider a good friend as well), a good friend of the first 2, 2 good friends of the good friend's sister, (still with me?), and a new good friend of the first good friend.

i have met 4 out of the 7 (7 not including me). I have heard of 2 others through facebook and emails and conversations, and 1 is a brand new friend.

5 of us are moms, 3 are god-moms to one of the others kids.

this is confusing.

the point is this:
i am loving being part of this little email group. i look forward to Sunday when i get to let these lovely ladies know how my week has been, and it is a good practice to reflect on the week and pull out some of the moments to be thankful for. big moments, and small moments.

when i was in high school and journaled like it was going out of style, i went through a time where i wrote 10 thank yous each evening. it was a very good way to remember to be thankful in all circumstances, and to always thank God.  again, there were big things, and small things.  for some reason today i can picture the words of this thank you: "Jen always says 'bless you'" - she sat behind me in english and always said bless you when i sneezed, and one week it did bless me indeed.

how do you keep track of the thankful moments?  do you journal, blog, email, talk to someone regularly? 
it seems like a practice that we should all make an effort to have in our daily/weekly lives.

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