Wednesday, November 10, 2004

God shines his light.

ok... there is nothing better than watching God send amazing, beautiful lights all across the city with your 3 favourite people. if only tom had been there! then it would have been 4 of my favourite people. anyhow. God is so good, we had cell tonight and it was lovely. marie shared about being real with people and just sharing God with them by telling them about your own relationship with Jesus and not needing to add anything else. just being real.
then we came back to watch shrek 2, but lo and behold God had better things for us to watch. such as his lovely northern lights, or as pat would say the dolores borealis. oh pat, always muddling up the english language. but they were grand, and the backdrop... a beautiful starry night sky. i saw no less than 3 shooting stars and one with a beautiful long tail. as mattie said 'those ones are the best'.
people, i love the capital. it is a swell place to be right now. i pray that everyone is growing closer to God and learning about how much he loves you. i pray that you are allowing him to move so much wherever you may be.


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