Sunday, November 14, 2004

i see joshua camped on the plains of jericho...

i see walls collapse and people marching in. the Lord in our midst is mighty. (part of a song by cecily from the church in vancouver)

ok. first things first i need to quote trevor from long ago, "God is sweet.... BOOYA!"

he is... he really really is. the meeting this morning was so amazing, God is doing some good things here. i was so overwhelmed with God's love for us this morning. i nearly burst! i could only shout when i prayed. and then we sang that song by cecily and it is all about our history! and really it made me think how Jesus said we would do greater things than him.... GREATER!!! i mean really... think of what Jesus did! he healed the sick, he taught so many, he spoke truth and life and he raised people from the dead and we will do greater than him! (john 14:12) imagine toi! it is so cool.
this is what i realized about God's love this morning. it is more than enough. way more than enough. and we were singing the banqueting table song and when we sang the part that goes 'i am my beloved's and he is mine', i just realized again how much God loves us. and not just like a father or a friend (which he also does), but he loves me in the way that he is pursuing me everyday. that Jesus is the most romantic person in the world, and that he has been wooing me and courting me since the day i was conceived. i mean the Bible says things like lover of my soul! to me that is very cool.
i love life. i love God. no matter what he is so good. and not just today when things seem so good. but all the time. regardless of anything.
in the words of biblical hair sara "huzzah!"

today keegan beat mattie in a handstand competition (keegan is 8 and mattie is 21), victoria (7) said(again) "stop! in the name of the Lord!" while they were making the shields for the armour of God in kids work, and tom taught me about an allosaurus.

all in all it just really was the best day ever, and i can say without a doubt that tomorrow will be even better.

i leave you with the words of a defeated boy
" you've won this round keegan." -mattie kennedy


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