Thursday, November 04, 2004

tut tut tut it looks like snow... FINALLY!

sometimes my blog titles seem lame and little compared to other people's, but that's ok. in fact, it's me... as i am sure most of you can imagine, i did just look out my window and say that to myself. good times, good times.
these days i see less and less of beth as she has commenced a romantic liason with school. i miss her on wednesday nights, i miss her on thursdays, and i miss her on fridays, tho to be fair, friday is my doing. tho to tell you the honest truth, if i were in ottawa on friday it would then still be her fault! really. anyway.
halloween... not the worst ever... but definately not the best. it would seem that halloween in ottawa really isn't that spectacular. or perhaps i still compare all halloweens to my last one in saskatoon, when jill and i dressed up as cowboys and made a killing... and sue said "you did not just go trick or treating!" but we did. and it was the best ever.
i just got a lovely card from jill. to go to her reception. i feel left right out of that girl's life, but she surely wrote me a lovely note inside it. i miss her. i wish i could see her and tell her of my life from the past 4 years, and to hear of hers. oh, it just brought tears to my eyes! geez.
anyhow, halloween. we were too late (again) to go to paul martin's and adrienne clarkson's for trick or treating, (next year, i swear!) but mattie and tom came over and mattie carved a wonderous pumpkin, and tom made some lovely pumpkin seeds, and then mattie made me beautiful fairy wings. i laid on the floor and shed some tears about not being able to go trick or treating. but maybe we will have a fairy party done the road. that would be lovely.
last night i had supper with duane, it was such a good catch up time, he is such a lovely lad and we talked about how i could go work for his parents next summer in the green house!!! imagine toi! we'll see. so far not much is planned except for 1 million and 1 weddings. well really only 5 but seriously. oh yes the number has increasedi very much forgot to say awhile ago that josh and april got engaged!!! at the cn tower.. which may sound cheesy, but april is american so i am sure that she loved it. i love those two.
mary's engagement ring has been on the bathroom shelf a few times over the past little while, and i have decided that if i had to choose an inanimate object to be in love with i would choose that ring. i even tell it that i love it "i love you little ring, you are so pretty, yes you are, i just love you and i love you." seriously, i am losing it. at least the wedding dreams are no longer!
after supper with duane we had a fantastic music practice and noah taught me a new strum and i learned how to play D/F# which is so sweet because it is in every worship song practically, plus we played 'evermore' and then it was just such a good night.
life is good. despite bad midterms which has taken a serious toll on my mind... this is the after effects... at cell the other night this was the observation i made "everyone's hair keeps getting longer or shorter" oh dear.
anyhow, today is a day to clean, quilt, and not worry about exams.
i'm out.

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