Monday, December 20, 2004

i love life!

God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good!!! i must say that i have had the best semester of my life this year. i just love the people that i am joined with here. i love my family i love beth's family. i love the best's. sheesh... i am filled to the seams and fuller with love right now and it is awesome.
beth and i just got back from a short time in campbellford. my soulmate town. it was lovely to be there and to spend a bit of time with doug, marilyn and jill. i missed paul and janice by one day, but hopefully closer to new year's i will see them. beth and i also spent a day in peterborough, beth got her G.. (hurrah!) and then we went and surprised carla and the amandas at king street. and then off to the best's where cindy was busy preparing a christmas dinner for jamo and his friends. i got to make a cranberry tree. we also got to hang out with tomata, nat and luke. then josh called and he and april want cam and i to emcee there wedding reception! imagine toi! i am stoked, and it is all the better that i get to do it with cam! fabulous. so there are at least 4 weddings to go to this spring. i am excited for this.
we also got to spend some time with mattie, we went hiking in the woods behind his house, and beth wore the greatest parka in the world, and a picture of the three of us made mattie laugh as i have never heard him laugh before. we spent some sweet time praying as well. i love praying with people. i love how God is moving, and he loves it when we ask.
last night thom was saying how sweet it is to be cocky in God, and in his word. how when you ask things according to God's will you can be so cocky because you know what will happen. i love it!!!
beth and i have a final in just over an hour, but it is open book and we have marked up our pages, and we are not too worried. then micro tomorrow, and nursing theory on wednesday. some people are done their exams by now, i myself and just starting today. go figure. 3 exams and they just had to be in the last part of the exam period.
but then off to the calg to see my lovely family and spend christmas with them.
danielle has been home since the 11th and they had a big turkey dinner without me! i was practically excommunicated from christmas!! i mean really, we never ever have turkey! and the one time they do i am convenienly stuck in ottawa waiting for my exams. i can't wait to see them.
then back here on the 29th for new years... although, thom conveniently took a shift on the night of the 29th... the great ditch!! but he doesn't work in the 30th so we shall get to hang out then.
then beth shalll come back and we will be reunited. during exams we were seperated for i think, 5 days and we spoke on the phone at least 3 out of the 5 days. i tell ya. to quote her "i can only hope that my marriage will be as successful as this friendship".

i think that's it for now. i am looking forward to what God has for the next few days.

For unto us a child is born! (ps. this is not any child! this is the christ, the messiah! the savior of our world!!! hurrah!)


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