Thursday, December 23, 2004

living in the lap of luxury

well, here i am back in the calg, in the hamptons, living the life. what have i done so far today? well let me tell you... even tho i am a little ashamed of the ridiculousness of it all. this morning my momma booked me a massage appointment, the first ever, and my mom and danielle made this woman think that i am the biggest massage moron in the world! they told her that i was so afraid of a massage and danielle told her i have a low pain threshold! hmm. i don't understand that bit, really. anyhow, the first massage ever went fine. in fact, it was enjoyable. it just kind of seems like a frivolous thing to pay for. anyhow, karan has booked me another appointment next week. item 2 on today's agenda. a haircut. apparently since i refused to have a spa day with my mom, she thought she could sneak it in in increments, like i wouldn't notice. but i was sad about getting a haircut. terrified in fact, as any of you who have seen me loving my long hair would know. but thankfully i had a lovely girl who listened to what i said and really only trimmed it. so it is impossible to tell by the naked eye that it is cut. but i am happy, and hopefully it will just grow all the longer now that it is healthy again.
so later this afternoon we are going to get our family pictures done. so far today has been pretty posh. but perhaps it is the niceness after yesterday's super late plane fiasco.
i was supposed to leave ottawa at 7:20 last night, but there was a lot of snow in the t-dot, so, the plane i was supposed to be on was still in toronto at 7:20. then we finally flew to toronto, but also got delayed there. they had to de-ice the plane in ottawa and toronto, so i ended up getting in at 1:20 am alberta time. so 3:20 ottawa time, and i had been up since 7 with like 5 hours of sleep from the night before. but there is a shortage of beds in this house so i get to sleep with my momma this week. and that makes me very happy.
just as expected i do miss my ottawa kinsmen (or as thom would say my bosom chums!) already, but it is so good to be here. i feel a love for my sisters this year that is stronger than ever. the hairdresser called us charlie's angels. maybe she wanted a tip, or maybe, just maybe. the van patter sisters are the hottest sisters ever.
i love it!

hopefully i get to see my dad tonight.

posse out!


scott in the way said...

Dearest Katharine,
Sometimes I hate reading your blog and sometimes I love it. It's entirely depending on my own mood and has very little to do with what you write. It's just that when I'm not happy I have such a hard time believeing that other people are allowed to be happy, but I'm constantly glad of your joy which always seems to snap me out of the numbness that I am so prone to. I don't understand why I'm prone to it, but I am doing things to slow it down and hopefully eventually bring it to a crawl.

I'm so glad to see that the Lord is blessing you with peace and joy and good people surrounding you. You deserve it. Happy Christmas.

Love Scott

Rachel Malena said...

kate, i dont think you remember me at all, but i enjoy reading your blog so much. it makes me believe it is possible to be fulfilled and i'm so blessed by your joy. thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me even though you dont know who i am. i think that's very special.