Thursday, December 02, 2004

YESSSS! (with a double arm pump!)

hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah!!! i am done my essay! the last assignment of the semester before exams start! i couldn't be happier even if i caught the golden snitch! i am so so so happy. plus. i only have one more class and one small evaluation meeting on monday. but other than that i am done! can you even believe? i am half done year 3? imagine toi.
ok so to be truthful.. my essay was due yesterday at 1 pm. but i am only losing 5%.. which is not too bad, and beth is right on board with me. like she said in her post, we are far better at encouraging each other in the things of God. maybe next semester that will include school? we'll see. procrastinating until the day before an essay is due largely contributes to it being handed in late, but also due to the fact that on the day before our essay was due we spent a copious amount of time with our favourite boys.

that is me, beth, pat, thom and mattie in the front. we are all laughing so hard because we have been telling mattie that there is no way we will fit in the picture and we need to crouch down. mattie is laughing so hard because he knew we were wrong.

that's a picture of us back in the fall going to the caves. hard to believe that i only knew mattie for a month and thom for like 5 days. these boys are so sweet. everyday they make me laugh, and one of the best things that beth and i get to do with them is pray. God is moving people. prayer is going up and blessings are coming down.
anyhow, today i am off to maxville for another sweet day with nathan, and then next week we are off to campbellford (c'ford what!) i am stoked. marilyn has our advent calenders waiting!

anyhow, i'm out.

ps. 2o days til i go to see my family!!!

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scott in the way said...

Kate, I am so glad you are having fun and being blessed. I feel that this is where you are meant to be. I hope you are having a wonderful december.

Love Scott