Tuesday, January 18, 2005

winter is nature's way of saying,"Up yours". - Robert Byrne

so it's been a little while since the last update. but today is most worthy of an update i believe. today in ottawa we have a windchill warning. some of you may ask, what indeed is a windchill warning? well it is when the wind makes the temperature drop a ridiculous amount. in fact today it is -40 °C. that my friends is cold. so cold that i am afraid to venture outside. Thom said that last night when he walked home is head was freezing. and he was very much indeed wearing a tuque. this is the thing, when i lived in saskatoon it seemed like it was minus 40 a lot in the winter, but not this cold, maybe the thing was there wasn't as much wind in saskatoon? that maybe it was just minus forty but no windchill? but isn't there supposed to be a lot of wind on the prairies? hmm. maybe i have just turned into a bigger suck. all i know is that since i moved to ottawa i have been way colder in the winter.
so while winter may not always be nature's way of saying "up yours" it certainatly does seem like it on a day when you are afraid to go outside. i even called thom and told him to wait to go to tabaret to find out about school. i am that afraid. sadly, i do need to venture outside today, i need to go to the chiropractor, and then to walmart to buy thread and quilt batting, and maybe a dvd player. we'll see. but mostly i guess it means that i will have to overcome my fears of the cold today.

i hope that you are all warmer than i will be.. and judging by environment canada weather, you all are.


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