Tuesday, February 01, 2005

one of these things is not like the other... one of these things just doesn't belong...

that is the song i sang to beth the other day when joking about if i got a 'ring by spring' (which i am not, so please do not start any rumours).... unless dave you continue with the one about me running away with a russian mobster... that rumour may continue for the rest of my days! anyhoo, i was saying to beth, that song would be funny to have on the answering machine if i got engaged and three of the four of us were engaged except beth. i laughed and said it's you who doesn't belong... then i realized how mean i was when beth ran away in tears and thom scolded me. (it was a nice scolding tho, says he).

thom and i have been reading peter pan by j.m. barrie.... i highly, very highly recommend it... it is far better and way more funny than the disney movie... any day! we also read matilda, and while it seems that we may only read children's books together, we also have some plans for some 'grown up' books... but we need some ideas i think. happily we both seem to love the same books (and movies and cds but that is for another post). mostly lately i have been talking about soya a lot lately, and hayley... and i know that i just missed a million people's birthdays in saskatoon, such as scott, soya, owen, i think jill tho she is not in saskatoon... and i am sure many others... for that i am sorry, and i say happy belated birthday to all of you.

we celebrated thom's birthday last week... the big 21, i was even convinced to go out for supper. something that i usually refuse for the fear that it instills in my stomach ever since the summer of the being very sick weight loss program... most of my pants are still too big. then we went bowling (speed bowling, very speedy bowling..) and then dancing at zaphod's, but i had to lie to thom all month about his birthday present, which was a very beautiful quilt (if i do say so myself), a dinosaur quilt, very bright with some very sweet dinosaur appliques on it. i'll post a picture when i remember to take one on the didge.

on another note, i think that i have been reading justin brand's blog lately... but i am not entirely sure if it is him or not... maybe... anyhow, it is nice to read about the calgary mountains, where my dad just informed me that he skis 100 days out of the year. craziness.

thom and i are off to see house of flying daggers tonight, it looks very good, we saw the preview when we went to see a very long engagement, which i recommend to anyone and everyone.
also, if you live in ottawa, i strongly recommend that you get a membership to the bytowne theatre. it is very lovely, and excellent movies play there.

anyhow, we have to get going to that, so have a swell night!!!


ps... if your best friend feels left out because you are always with your boyfriend... the best thing to do is spend some serious time singing her a love song and molesting her.


Dave said...

Hey, yes, i can confirm that it is in fact Justin Brand's Weblog. Dude talks of nothing but mountains. Laters.

Dave said...

Oh, and the guy who is talking about you anonymously on my comments is Mike.

Anonymous said...

Kate, it's me...soy. i just learned about blogs from beth malena a couple of weeks ago. if someone would have asked me if i had a blog i would have asked for a kleenex and told them to wipe it off my face. but i found your blog on the world wide web and i have been thinking about you so much too lately. unfortunately, i don't have a blog. i'm still too scared and uninformed, and so very too busy to even understand how to get my own. i think my journal is ok for at least a little while anyway. but kate, i saw that you mentioned me in your blog and i felt so honored and beautiful because of it. here i am, nowhere in the world of blogland, and i show up on a major intersection...kate street...and pretty much have a block party here in your blog. thanks. i hope that you are doing so wonderful. hayley and i are in a hair growing competition, since my hair is shorter than it has ever been before. soon enough though, i will take control in the contest and rightfully take my place again as cindy crawford in the flesh. it is the middle of the night though, and i must really go to sleep. i miss you lots kate!!

Dave said...

PS is the bit about the russian mobster directed to me? Or do you know more Daves?

elimakee said...

HEY! i didn't run away in tears! i just turned silently away... because no one likes it when you point and laugh... also... when you are molesting your friends... it's best to clear away the newspaper under their face... no one likes newprint smudged on their face.