Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i am tense and hyper!

I AM HYPERTENSION! the silent killer. this doesn't look as funny as it sounds when i say it in a threatening voice with my hands in the air in claw like gestures.

this comes from my series of studying last night. i wrote my patho midterm this morning, the exam that kicked my butt to a failure last year. so it was stressful to say the least, but i think that it went well. beth continues to remind me that i did not even open my binder once last year before the midterm. it would seem i did deserve the mark i got.

anyhow, yesterday i got all ranty at thomas for telling me i would do well, and when i told beth about my ranting, she said.. "who would say such a thing to you?" and i realized how silly i was, so i called thom back and apologized and told him a story of me biting in excitement about finding out when finals are, but the thing is that i was with beth and mandy, who probably thought it was weird, but know that i am weird. the funny part is that we were with our clinical instructor, mary, and she mostly looked a little frightened and concerned and confused. maybe she thought i had become rabid. (beth, you know what that means, get the guillotine)

anyhow, i am hyper, and i did a little dance of joy, for it is reading week next week, but i am done already, so i get to have 1.5 weeks off. i need to get a job. this is on the agenda for the next few days.

anyhow, i'm out.



rochelle laura knox said...

hey! i just found your blog recently too. connection in hyperspace. crazy thing the blog world. i'm in favour of it.

Smaj said...

i think your friend beth sounds absolutely splendid.
school is sucky sometimes, and it's tough to keep in mind that it's all for a "greater" good... but i'm stoked that you're still dancing for joy, even if it's just a little dance.

take care 10x