Sunday, February 13, 2005

why i miss soya

i miss rainbow letters from her and seeing the colourfulness of her journal pages, i miss mass letters from her trip to florida where garbage cans chase her and there is a spy after her whole family. i miss laughing with her. i miss that i don't get to have a hair growing contest with her and hayley because right now i would win, even tho i attempted to cut my own hair (although, not like the time soya flipped her head upside down and just started cutting, i miss that too). i miss giving someone insulin on a regular basis, especially since i am now actually qualified to give needles and the only thing that gets me by is trying to convince thomas that i have diabetes, but he never believes me. I could have diabetes!... maybe i secretly give myself insulin... how could he know that? sheesh. i miss calling her cindy and telling her that the thing that fell off her car is indeed her muffler, and returning the saggy boob farmer, and MY REDEEMER LIVES!!! that God wanted us to have so bad that even after scott threw it out the window, God left a new one on the counter at church for us that sunday. i miss carrying everything in cheer or tide boxes, carrying a giant A down the street. visiting her at sweet valley high. i miss the grumpy days when she gets kind of snarky, and all i can do is laugh because soya angry is more cute or funny, unless she is passionately upset about something... then all i want to do is be angry and cry with her. i miss when she was in the kitchen, and the summer that tasse, robyn and hayley broke her alarm clock (ok dismantled her alarm clock) and made her go on a scavenger hunt to find it in the lake. i miss calling her sheri lynn, and being kathy, and realizing on the last day of our 8 day canoe trip that she has been hardly paddling the whole trip. i miss the flashing hang loose, "teats", i miss her whole family. i miss her crazy room with 40 milk crates as shelves in it, and decorated envelopes and sleepovers, and church, and talks. i miss having someone be so excited about math and science, my friend carla would love soya. carla is the president of the physics club at trent, which she founded to go on a trip to BC!... i miss that soya would love to quilt with me. that we never got to do that (Yet!!) i miss her telling us every week that she totaled off another car and being so sad when the new car is not a standard, and insisting that everytime we drive anywhere she use a empty coke bottle as a stick . nobody does that. nobody but soya. i miss leve, and taking him to the bathroom on sunday nights, and stealing sponges from the janitor's closet, and post church meal (1 cheeseburger meal, super size, make it bacon, a coke, 2 free waters, and 2 treat of the weeks), i miss having someone insist upon riding in the way way back of my volvo, even if there was only three of us in the car, i miss alaska day, summer kid, dressing like her in the summer, handicap shorts, the fact that she was on a bowling team, i miss having a friend called soya.

this is an ode to you soya bean!!

i love you.

coming soon, why i miss hayley.

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