Tuesday, July 19, 2005

holiday!!! celebrate!!

Oh Happy DAY!!

Thom and I just had a lovely weekend in C'ford, visiting his mom and brother. She was house-sitting at this little acreage just outside of Campbellford, and it was delightful! we jumped on the trampoline, hung in the hammock, swung on the tire swing (well i did anyhow), swam in crow river, and just delighted in what the Lord is doing. We went to PCF on sunday morning and as per usual it was lovely to be amoung brothers and sisters there. It was a wonderful morning with God moving and speaking very specifically to the men there. cool.

We are now back in Ottawa with a true vacation approaching. My dad arrives this evening with Roslyn, and then Danielle and mom come on friday night, and on saturday we will all be at the Booth cottage for the surprise party for Grandad's 80th birthday. Thom will be coming as well and is feeling slightly alarmed at meeting all the Van Patters in one go, but it will be fine and we will canoe and swim and read.

Then it will be off to the Van Impe cottage for 3 days, with my mom and sisters, which will also be so nice. We have in our hands the new Harry Potter, which we will read during our holiday, but we have to wrap it up until then, or i may be tempted to read it, especially since i just finished the beaudilaires and the next one is not ready for me yet at the library, i really want to just buy it, i am hooked!

so four more days of work, and then off to the cottage. praise God for time to relax on the water this summer.

Also, on sunday night we had the most lovely visit with Ben and Maryann, those lovely Roebucks. It was a wonderful night filled with good things, such as excitement for what God is going to be doing this year, he has brought a lot of people here and it is not for nothing, that i will tell you, things are going to happen, and it is time that we start remembering the words that God has given to us in ottawa and live them out!! Hurrah!!!

and myriam is getting baptized this weekend, and the Lord is rejoicing, and so am i, and the angels. Hurray to you Myriam!!! Be blessed.

it's going to be a good day, a very good day indeed.


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