Friday, July 22, 2005

i miss beth

beth has been away all week, and while i know that she is spreading the gospel to children, i still miss her. really i have not seen her in ages because thom and i were away last weekend, and if she is not back in time to have breakfast with my momma and i on saturday then i will not see her until next wednesday! gollee. mattie and fife are here and i learned how to play poker. just imagine what kate's poker face might look like. i need to wear a welding mask, except that might just show too much of my eyes and still give me away.

anyhow, i was telling mattie about how i moved out on my own and he said ' without b.!!?!?' and i was like B!! how have we not been together in so long? i miss the days of beth and kate. when i was cleaning noah and robyn's place i found a list that listed us together, beth & kate, and thom had a christmas card list that had us together, beth & kate. and while i like being thom & kate, today (and yesterday) i missed being beth & kate because it probably won't go back to that. no wait, that's right, it won't go back. It will go forward to better things, when beth and i get to work together for God. i don't know what it will be yet, but there will be new beth & kate, it will be different i am sure, but so good .... dare i say even better!! i dare indeed, i am gonna claim it!!.... God is good.

and beth, if you read this, i love you and miss you and hope that you had a good week.

love kate

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