Thursday, October 20, 2005

the penultimate peril

penultimate = next to last....

does this mean that this is the next to last tragedy of the Beaudilaire's?
this past tuesday the very highly anticipated (at the very least by me) 12th book in the series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket was finally available. after coming back from maxville i skipped on down to chapters to pick it up. thus far it is the thickest book in the series. i love these books, they are so devestatingly humorous and so humorously devestating.

will violet, klaus and sunny beaudilaire ever be safe from count olaf? only time will tell. i am almost done this one, and then comes the long wait for the next one.

on another note (though still perhaps a perilous thought)
do you know what the top two most violent professions in canada are?
well the first is slightly obvious....
#1 Police Officer
however, the second may come as a shocker, until you think about it....
#2 Nurse
there you have it, something they do not tell you in your first year orientation (or for that matter up until year three they still have failed to mention it) only if you take psychology of death and dying as an elective will you ever chance to find out this little tidbit.

fall is dead seriously here. it snuck up on me and now here it is, but i get to wear my toque that roslyn gave me last year for christmas, which i do indeed adore, as well as my new wool scarf from value village, and the puffy vest has made a full return! lovely.

thom and i are almost done Lost, and i have no idea how we will wait for the next one, ( i suppose three seasons of the west wing may tide us over).

anyhow, Scott has a new blog, you should check it out here. it's very scott-ey, (like ol' new-ey perhaps?)

olivia has been taking to sleeping at my feet in this cooler weather. i like that.



Rachel Malena said...

oh kate i feel about your blogs the way you feel about lemony snickett and lost haha! you must not make me wait so long for these- i check it all the time. i wish we lived in the same town and were good old friends so we could skip on fall streets in scarves and puffy vests together.

katevp said...

oh me too rachel, me too.

April Best said...

hey kate,

although i don't read Lemony Snickett, i really enjoyed the movie:) i'm glad to hear you're doing well!

rochelle laura knox said...

kate: i'm so sorry i didn't look you up when i was in ottawa. the visit was rather impulsive and i ended up with the stomach flu. but enough of my excuses... ;) i will for sure ring you the next time. not sure if i will be back again this term as my sister is coming down here to k-town in 2 weeks but there will be time next term. will you be in s'toon over christmas?

joshuabest said...

hey kate,
can i put a link to your blog on the ministries without borders website along with many others?
email me by the end of the week if you're not ok with it k? or just comment on my blog.

Santosh said...

hi kate - you commented on my blog so i thought i'd return the favour. drop me a line at