Wednesday, November 16, 2005

early mornings

oh me oh my,
clinical has started (well this is the fourth week) but tomorrow morning we are back to days, and while days are usually a little more exciting and tend to pass a lot faster, it is a early early morn. we (linsey, mary-anne and i) have to catch the bus at 6 am. and then travel for almost an hour to the queensway-carleton hospital. i love my new 3rd year friends. i was so worried about entering third year and having to make new friends (how silly). but i am thrilled, as well as i get to sit beside an old friend named kim who now has a lovely little boy named aidan. so so cute.
also Keri Jones is coming this weekend! he is the apostle of our church! hurrah hurrah hurrah, direction and guidance is oh so wonderful. and beth is playing 'mom' to nathan and vivian this weekend, God's grace to her, that is a long weekend with little babies and no momma or poppa to intervene, i will however lend as much of a hand as i can on sunday.
anyhow, since i need to be getting up earlier than the crack of the sun, and it will be dark as dark can be and hopefully no longer pitch wet as it has been. pitch wet makes me miss soya. old accidentally gay pride mitts that need to be replaced but are too sentimental to be replaced make me think of hayley. and last but not least if i slam anyone into any lockers i will definately think of erik.



Rachel Malena said...

yay! all my checking has finally paid off!

April Best said...

I hope you have a great weekend! Having apostolic oversight is such a blessing:) Hope to see you soon.

Love you!