Friday, March 31, 2006

in the beauty of your majesty

I love my patients. ummm, not in an unprofessional way, i just love them. I have never really enjoyed my long term care placements, or working with chronic care patients until this year. i just feel God's heart for these people. They have worked hard, they are from all over the world; lithuania, pakistan, germany, they have lived full lives, and some have lived hard lives, regardless of what they've been through, they do not deserve to be treated poorly or be brushed off because "it's annoying that they cannot get up to the washroom" or rang their call bell for umpteenth time. It breaks my heart to see the way that some of these patients are treated. And they are not necessarily treated badly, the nursing care is very good, very very good. But there seems to be a lack of respect for the "old" elderly. I love them, i love to listen to their lives, and i love that as a student i have the time to do that. I pray Lord, that there will be enough nurses in the future for there to be time to spend listening to our patients.
Oh that is the cry of my heart!


katevp said...

ps. I did get to spend the other afternoon with beth, and it was lovely.

Danielle said...

Kate.... Amen Amen and Amen....

I have had the blessing of spending regular time with my Grandma this year in a long term care faciilty. There are not enough nurses with your perspective. Little things are often missed with my Grandma, I visited after her supper this week and found that her dentures weren't in her mouth. Through some investigative work I found that she ate all three meals without teeth and no one noticed. Lets see human rights extend to seniors.

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.