Tuesday, March 28, 2006

it's spring and "i'm a mountain" is the soundtrack

Thomas and I had a spent a most lovely evening with Ben and Maryann yesterday. It made me sad to realize that we will not have them to truly talk to for 10 months when they head off to school of the word, but we are so excited for them and all that they will learn, and how they will grow, and what God will be doing! We are also getting more and more excited for our big day, and our wonderful step into partnership in the Kingdom, and what God will be using us to do next year. We are excited to have our own place (which we are still looking for!), and being able to have people into our home.
Sunday was a fantastic time in the presence of God, meeting with his people. We just let God refresh us, we were told that it was time to drink, and that we weren't going to just talk about it, but to actually do that. And it was wonderful.
I have been learning about praising God in all circumstances, not just when things are going awesome. To be able to love him and adore him and worship him despite what I may think, or feel or what my circumstances may look like (or what they've looked like in the past). If God is for me than who can be against me.
Also, I am definately looking forward to moving out of this teeny tiny apartment, where right now I can hear the guy below me yelling at his computer game over and over. It becomes a little tedious. He is very loud.
Today I will write part of an essay, and try and find a corner rounder craft punch
and then maybe work on some invitation stuff, oh and my careplan of course.
The sun is shining, it is supposed to be +12 and hopefully I will see the lovely miss Keene.

what do we say when we're leaving?
"we don't say posse out" - Niklas


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