Saturday, June 24, 2006

14 days

SO! there are 14 days until i become kate anderson! yip yip yippee!
and today will be lovely day spent with as of yet, unidentified ladies, for my bachelorette party! it appears to be almost an all day event!
it will be so nice to have so many lovely ladies together as i miss a lot of the women's breakfast's due to work.
with regards to wedding plans, many things are done, and a few things are left to do.
passports are now done, so is renewing my drivers license, or i should say, switching my drivers license to ontario! i have now had a license in 3 different provinces.

last night we had supper with the Roebuck's and Tenthorey's, well, we were late, so we ate pizza while they watched us, then we listened as Ben and Janie serenaded us with our processional song. then for a walk down to britannia park, and the beach, then some what not to wear. I also finally got to change Carys' diaper, and I held her for most of the night. that girl makes some seriously funny faces and i am not sure if it just at me, she always gives me the slanty eye, like she doesn't trust me. c'mon little baby! i witnessed your birth!!! i proclaimed you (with michelle) a girl!!! there is no need for all the dirty looks!

plus i got a little cuddle and play with Rhys, who calls me Git! lovely little man.

i'm off to have a day of fun fun fun.


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