Wednesday, June 28, 2006

dreams coming true

have to say, that I really have been dreaming of this since joining the church here in ottawa, dreaming of many little children. my dreams are coming true!! (thank you Lord!)
this summer we have a number of wonderful families moving to ottawa from T., Kitchener, Peterborough, and so on.

currently the youngsters in our body include James and Keegan, Luke and Victoria, Rhys and of course the newest little Carys. We have recently had the Kiley's join us, so now we have two more children, Meghan and Ryan.

So this summer we have Pat and Ali joining us with their FOUR children, Caleb, Garrett, Abby and Jack; as well as Tim and Leslie and their 2 children, Gavin and Alise.

As well we have Mike and Kristen, and Mark and Anna-Maria coming. so basically our church went from having 4 children for the past 3 years to having 12 children in a few months.
Ask God and he will deliver!!!

Sadly, James and Keegan will be leaving us as they go on to Peterborough in the fall. We are thrilled for them but sad to see them go. Hurrah for children!!! (I am sure that Sarah W. is just as excited as I am!)

ps. speaking of children, the man with a child's heart, cam fraser, will be in ottawa for our wedding!!! hurrah!!!


Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

You forgot our precious little James Smith!

Bev said...

Hi Kate: Myriam has been keeping me up to date with your exciting news, and now I found your blog. This is so exciting. Congrats on your soon to be wedding and I thank God for the man He has provided. Hopefully He has one for Myriam next and she will settle down closer to Saskatoon. Don't want much! Again Congrats and I will keep checking your blogs.

Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

I love how you list the children and then say, AND Mark and Annamaria and ... It sounds like they're also children...

Well...they're young anyways