Saturday, June 17, 2006

i have a mutant gene

no i can't grow wings, or move metal, or heal super fast.

However, i am 5-10 times more likely to develop a blood clot than most people. I have a gene defect called Factor V(five) Leiden. It is a hereditary gene that we found out in the fall that my dad has.
I had my blood test results read to me this past week, and I am being referred to a hematologist and a genetic counsellor. (what i am old enough to talk to someone about future children!?!).
This is what though. God is faithful and awesome and all healing.
I am praying for Danielle and Roslyn that they will not have this gene, despite the high probability, because God is way above high probability.
So in the meantime I will do what I need to do to not aggravate any possible clots and learn what I can about Factor V Leiden.

and 3 weeks until i am Kate Anderson. woah. that looks weird.

posse out.


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Cameron said...

Mrs. Almost Anderson...

I hope that new developments on my link sidebar will fix the grievous oversight of the past year!

All things are under His feet; and happily, genetic conditions are part of what is contained in 'all things'!