Thursday, September 14, 2006

cleanliness is next to...

Thomas and I did a power clean last night, and our kitchen and bedroom look immaculate, our living room however is a different story altogether.

But I am awake early as per usual and the cleaning bug is still biting, so it will get done shortly after this post.

A week and a half of school is done, and it has been so lovely to be back in school. I found out that my first placement is at CHEO (the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) on a medicine floor with brand new babies up to 7 year olds. oh glory be! it is my most favourite age group. It takes me back to the "mother goose days" at camp when I would have 10 staff kids trailing behind me all ages 7 and under. Lovely.

I've also thought recently about gatting back into cutting and gluing. I can still hear the A's (amber and andi) saying "she's just cutting again, she's still just cutting" when they got home from school, or my dad saying "pick all these bits" after a mass cutting bonanza. He always hated those bits!

anyways, I did a little collage, which I will post here on a later day, and now I want to do a big one, but it takes way more planning and playing before you can cut and glue on a big piece of paper(as Rachel Malena knows), so we'll see.

So time to let the bug keep biting and clean this living room


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Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

Hi Kate my love. I have a confession to make... I really hated those bits too. Hee hee.
- Mary