Sunday, May 06, 2007

boo hoo hoo

well, tonight was the last installment of the amazing race allstars.

i just got into the amazing race last season, when i fell in love with "the blondes".

these lovely ladies are friends who met while rooming together in a miss america beauty pageant.

they were rough tough gals who never fought with each other the whole 2 seasons (well, until this very lst episode when they had a minor breakdown and kandace was a little harsh towards dustin, however kandace quickly apologized
and they left it behind). the other three teams in this last episode were well known for their name calling and un-encouraging remarks towards each other.

i was looking forward to seeing the girls win the race. they have been such fun to watch, even thomas has gotten addicted to the show.

sadly though, dustin and kandace came in second tonight, to danielle and eric. boo.

thomas loves to watch these shows with me because i get all worked up and cry. what can i say, i was so rooting for these gals to win.

so we'll see if i am as interested in next seasons race, it won't be the same without the blondes.

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