Tuesday, May 15, 2007

introducing... bruce and anne!

well, the time has come to finally tell the tale of my first encounter with Chris and Anne Broten. also referred to as bruce and anna-belle.

nancy and i had known each other for a number of years, but had just become close friends in the months leading up to this enocounter.

i was invited on a trip to outlook to visit the one the only Fern (Nancy's lovely grandmother). there could be a good number of blogs about that lovely lady!

anyway, back to the tale.

we are driving in the beautiful buick (may she rest in peace) and we were eating cinnamon b
uns. the cinnamon buns quickly disappeared and 3 of us found that napkins were enough to clean our hands, however not all of us were satisfied.

bruce quickly let his wife know how sticky his hands were. anne's suggestion... put some windshield washer fluid on them (i guess really, if it can remove bugs stuck on a windshield, surely it can remove sticky syrup on fingers). so i think this is a little odd, but i imagine that we will pull over and bruce will wash up his hands. oh no. i under estimated the broten's at this point in my life with them. bruce continued to drive with anne holding down the washer fluid button while he stuck his hands waaaaay out of the window to try and catch some washer fluid.

meanwhile i'm in the backseat with the little ninnygoat looking at her in awe and wonder and the two of us are in fits of giggles.

i was amazed and astounded to see this feat attempted and conquered.

when i finally thought te cinnamon bun fiasco was behind us... bruce turns to anne and says: "anne, my hands aren't sticky anymore, but now they smell like windshield washer fluid".

i love chris and anne like my own parents. they have taught me so much and loved me and of course... filled my life with laughter.

i love you chris and anne!! miss you a lot.


Julie said...

I read this sitting in my French night class and actually couldn't keep myself from shaking with silent laughter. I love it. Thank you for telling this story!
Miss you and I'm glad that fateful trip to Look-Out didn't (amazingly) manage to scare you off!
J to the BN

Julie said...

Oh, by the way, me likey the new blog look. Nice one.

Nancy Jean said...

kate. i can picture it. you had no idea, did you! i am crying. that was sooo funny, then and now. sweet story telling. anyone blessed with knowing those two can picture it...what bruce will do!
so good.
peace out. hope you're having fun being a nurse! (im going to the calg for mon tues and wed of next week. im going to see andi - too bad you won't be there for a game of upwards!)
love nin