Thursday, May 31, 2007

study study study!

well, my RN exam is fast approaching! on wednesday June 6th i will write an 8 hour exam testing me on all the info that i've learned in the past 4 (ahem.. 5) years of my nursing degree. so, techinically i have my bachelor of science in nursing, but if i don't pass this exam then i can't practice as a nurse. this is a little intimidating. however, i have been studying most of this month and i believe that i will pass this exam and go on to my exciting career as a post-partum nurse!

so back to the studies. i just thought i would give everyone a little update.


Carla said...

Kate! I love how you are supposed to be studying but you put up a blog entry. Fantastic! All the best with the studies.

katevp said...

Thanks Carla! I try to do my "internetting" when I first wake up to get it out of my system for the day!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you're wonderful and you've put the work in - so I am very confident that you will do well.

love you lots