Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Style #6

stylin' Isla strikes again!

while we were in Hamilton, we went on a little trip to Burlington and Isla tried out the swing for the first time.
she didn't really like it.
it was also very sunny.

hat: Old Navy
shirt: Carter's-consigned
pants: GapsKids
soo: Mam (she doesn't usually have it in all the time, but somehow i forgot to take it out post-nap)

we really had a lovely time on our little vacay to the south (of Ontario).
lots of visiting with family and friends, we even got to visit with Melissa and Amelia (they are the ones who brought us to this park).
If you haven't checked out Melissa's blog before, you should!
she has some seriously HA-larious stories.
how can so many random things happen to one lady? you will laugh out loud.

and we are linking up here with Morgan at Mama Loves Papa


erica @ expatriababy said...

What an adorable wee one. I guess it's hard to enjoy the park to the max when it is so hot and sunny out.

ingrid said...

So cute - I love her swing-style!