Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small Style #7

it's been a bit of a crazy week around our home.

miss Isla started the week with a bit of a fever,
and after 36 hours of a moderate fever and the beginnings of a rash, off we went to the doctor.

turns out wee Isla has some kind of virus.
she's been a bit fussier than usual
and cutting a tooth at the same time probably doesn't help!

so because of the fever Isla spent a lot of time in either her diaper or her diaper shirt.
not a lot of stylin' going on this week

as you can see she is a little sweaty and a little grumpy... poor girl.

onesie: Carter's (consigned for $1 from Once Upon a Child in Hamilton!)

oh and did i mention that today it is 35 degrees celsius in Ottawa,
oh and actually feels like 47 because of the humidity, ya,
and it's been hot all week! (that really helps a fever, huh?)

and we're linking up here with Morgan of Mama Loves Papa.

I am happy to report that Isla has been fever-less for the past 24 hours
and is a bit more like her usual carefree self.

She's even learned to knock over block towers that her Daddy builds :)

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