Thursday, December 08, 2011

small style #27

small style number twenty-seven

featuring the serious rocker.....

well, not that kind of rocker...

Isla discovered the rocking chair thanks to her Gramma Kiki.

she doesn't really look like she loves it, but she seemed to enjoy it a lot,
i just wasn't able to capture that.

silly girl with those chubby cheeks.
so precious.

shirt: Gap Kids, thrifted
pants: Old Navy
socks: Old Navy
shoes: Wonderful northern slippers from Isla's great (grand) Auntie Susan

Isla has been wearing the same size clothes for quite some time, 
she still has some 3-6 month shirts that fit, she is wearing almost all 6-12 month pants, 
but she seems to finally be stretching out a wee bit,
 and plumping up too, so we may see the end of some of these favourites, 
like these stripey pants, they have ruffles on the bum and i love them!  
I know that it will be fun to pull out the next size, but it is a little sad to say good-bye to these ones.

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