Thursday, December 29, 2011

small style #30

# 30!? 

i have to apologize for being a terrible blogger this month. 
work has been a bit more tiring than it was initially and we have some family things going on as well.

you can just bet that one of my new year's resolutions will be to pick a regularly scheduled blogging evening a few times a week!

at least we have Morgan to thank for the small style posts!
woo hoo!

here is a little Christmas Eve small style:

Isla amoungst present chaos
miss Isla was full of shenanigans this holiday, 
hamming it up for everyone that she spent any time with.

Christmas Eve, she did not go to sleep as planned, but she just sat in her play pen until i came and got her for the family photo.

then she promptly stayed awake until we left at 10pm.

sure wish i had a pic of her in her car seat sleeping. 
Thom put her in, and she fell asleep even before we finished packing the car!

what a lovely little tiny.

my mom got her an outfit for Christmas, but it was too big 
(our almost 14 month old is still swimming in 12-18 month pants and skirts)

but the shirt and sweater fit, so that was paired with the stripey leggings that we love!

sweater: Gymboree
red shirt: Gymboree
pants: Gap Kids
socks: Old Navy
shoes: Pediped (finally used my Groupon to Kiddy Kobbler!)

we had a fabulous time with family, but we sure are glad to be home :)

you can find all kinds of christmas cuteness over at small style this week!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

The stripey pants are awesome!


Anonymous said...

LOL - love the stripey pants - and will tell you that Sam, at almost 19 months is only JUST NOW able to wear 12-18 month pants and have them stay up. Skinny babies represent!

(Actually, Sam's turning into a total chunk I think, praise God. He's actually got CHEEKS again. LOVE! Still no hips so I guess pants are a lost cause, but eh. Details.)

Isla is beautiful - I'm glad you guys had a nice Christmas!

Happy New Year!



katevp-a said...

Thanks Steph and Christy!
I too love those stripey pants and I am always on the lookout for the next sizes for Isla.