Wednesday, December 07, 2011

some thoughts

i took a few days off of blogging post 30 Days Hath November, it was a very interesting challenge to put myself up to just at the same time that i was going back to work.
it was indeed some days challenging to remember to post, but it felt nice to be writing something every day.
some of the things that i truly enjoyed was:
Day #17: My Family - i'm going to try and post a family picture each month, a little portrait of where we are at, and what we've been doing.

and Day #15: Some Style Inspiration for the Season - i think doing the 'kids style' as inspiration was pretty genius for me, as i am always loving the cute clothes that kids wear. i may not make this a monthly feature, but expect to see it around again!

and a few others that i enjoyed and may play off of are: 

you can probably expect to see something more like: 
-something/someone/some blog that is inspiring/ me
-some quotes/scriptures/sermons that i've been hearing/listening to/inspired by
-something/someone i'm proud of/means a lot to me

thanks for reading last month!

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