Thursday, February 02, 2012

small style #35

this has been a tiring week!
i have been very busy at work, the last 3 days i have seen about 120 patients.
that requires a lot of patience (hee hee)

the saving moment was when i realized that today was thursday not wednesday!
which means that a little scrambling was done for small style.

Isla has been a bit of a bear this week as well
(a small cute bear to be sure!)
but a bit of a bear none the less.
she gets grumpy in the morning when she sees people eating cereal
(she usually eats breakfast at day care, since she is there at 7:30)

and for some reason she has been grumpers in the evenings as well
tonight she cried and cried about not having a spoon, she refused to say (sign) please
and ended up going to bed soundly and sleepily at 5:30

here's hoping she sleeps through the night!

here she is on an early morning day
 getting dressed with daddy

 don't you love watching little toddlers stand up?
look at how far over her feet that little booty is!
and i swear, she is standing up, not falling down!

what a cutie.

shirt: Carter's, consigned
sweater: Joe Fresh
jeans: Mexx, consigned
socks: Old Navy
boots: Robeez

1 comment:

Morgan said...

Well, even in a grumpy mood Isla is still looking gorgeous! I love her sweater!

Hope you all have a very restful weekend to make up for your busy week!