Sunday, October 24, 2004

God is great, and his praise, fills the earth, fills the heavens...

God is so good, so very very good. i love my church body so much... it is like the biggest, best family i ever had. this morning we just had the best time singing and praying and prophesying over each other's lives. so much so that we ended up not having anyone speak.. but when the Spirit leads, the Spirit leads! it was a busy weekend... but a very good one. i prayed in church for the first time in so long and it was lovely. i really can't even express what a good morning it was. walls were broken down... hearts were changed... people were encouraged... love was shared. this is what it is all about... really. when it comes down to it. to be Christ to each other. God has put us in a body and in community for a purpose and it is so important that we walk that out.
jillian k. was here this weekend (the little beth) and it was lovely, and she is lovely and i love that i get to know her. God is so good. i would love to make a family tree of how we are all connected thru God. i think that it would be so sweet to see.
nat and cat were here this weekend too... and at one point there was matt, nat, cat and pat on a couch... i kid you not.. it was pandemonium.
i have my first midterm tomorrow, and truly i hope that all goes well otherwise i fear the loathing of school may return.... i do not want to hate school anymore. it makes it very much not fun.

this weekend jill didn't remember paul (her brother), beth needed a lot of attention, and i carried a ginormous pumpkin home from the grocery store.
all in all one fabulous weekend.


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