Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Since we're in the house of, the Lord." - Sarah Harmer

oh finally i can talk about this! i bought thomas and i tickets to see sarah harmer and it was a surprise so i could not blog about it in case he saw it, but i don't think he really reads my blog anyway, but just in case. anyhow, the show was last night and it was in this big beautiful church building and that alone was lovely.
As expected, she was so so wonderful. i love seeing her live, she is so nice and you feel like you are her best friend (even if you are sitting amongst the couple hundred people who also feel like that). Her band was wonderful tonight, i love seeing julie with her, she dances and sways so much and it makes me feel glad. anyway, she mostly played songs from her new album 'i'm a mountain' and old weeping tile songs. with a few from 'you were here' and 'all of our names'. thom said that even though he didn't know most of the songs because of them being really new or really old, he still loved the show so much.
at the end of the show, for the last song of the encore, she unplugged her guitar, and took away her microphone, and she sang 'how deep in the valley' just like that, in the church, with her band singing backup with no microphones either.
i nearly cried. i think the sound of that song will stay with me forever.

so i leave you with this:

how deep in the valley must you go?
to find what your footsteps already know
the way on is the way out
their are signs to follow
there is deep in the valley and i'm bound to go
how deep in the valley must you stay
to know why your footsteps led you that way
the way on may be truly to stand in one place
and let the deep of the valley fill you with grace
and treat yourself lightly, treat yourself kind
you've got nothing to worry on, you will be fine
you will leave this place laughing and somebody will cry
there is deep in the valley, wonder not why
wonder not why go and wonder not to stay
if it takes me and i follow or if i lead the way
it can come when it wants to
but it might have to wait
there is deep in the valley i don't hesitate
i don't take it too lightly but it don't weigh down too low
there is high on the cliff top and there's deep creeks below
there's a green shade you can't miss where the spring water flows
there is deep in the valley and i'm bound to go
how deep in the valley must you go
to find what your footsteps already know
the way on is the way out
there are signs to follow
there is deep in the valley
and i'm bound to go


scott in the way said...

The day I found out that Sarah Harmer tickets were sold out was a sad sad day. I think I will get to see her eventualy, but that doesn't make me believe it. Until I met my beautiful Chantelle, I had dreams of finding Sarah Harmer and having a romantic picnic and then very politely (possibly in song) asking her to spend the rest of her life with me. And we would sit in old churches and sing harmony together all the rest of our days. But then I realized she was like, 35 or something. What I mean to say is, Kate, you were the first person I ever knew who liked Sarah Harmer and I have you to thank for those wonderful songs that periodically, like deep rivers, run through my head.

katevp said...

I cannot take the sole credit for being the first to like sarah harmer. Believe it or not, Glen Hinz introduced her to me... but ever more since that first hearing of her i have been in love.

Scott how are you? How is marriage treating you and Chantelle?

April Best said...

Aaaah, jealous. I love Sarah Harmer, and the love is still pretty fresh because I just started listening a few months ago.

Love ya!

elimakee said...

"I wanted to say 'buddy Jesus'" -Sarah Harmer

elimakee said...

hey, i also wanted to say check out Jeremiah 22:29 (NIV)... the first half of the verse... it's not a funny part of this book... but it sure made me laugh and think of you! -Beth