Saturday, November 19, 2005

oh finally!!

today is the day!!!! i first off get to go to my work, and seriously has naybody loved working in retail as much as i do at paperpapier? the only thing is i have become a present wrapping snob, whether giving or receiving.

whatever, the imprtant thing is that today, thomas will pick me up at 5:30 and off we shall go to see Harry Potter!!!!

Finally it is here. I am so excited. Thom, Ryan and i watched the prisoner of azkaban on thursday and it made me all the more excited. Hurrah!!!


ps. i promise not to spoil the movie in the next post so do not be afraid to check back.
also, is it ok to be slightly annoyed by people who call themselves harry potter fans but don't read the book. also, to scott and jordan. this is an old thing, but i knew you would both like harry once you took the time to know him ;)


April Best said...

Hey Kate,

I hope you liked Harry Potter, then again how couldn't you!?! Have a great week:)

Smaj said...

I didn't like the first two hp books. I didn't really dislike them, per se, they just didn't stand out is all.
I admit that I haven't read on, and I've heard that they get better...

Kate, thank you for being a continuous experiment and encouragement. Your purity sharpens people like me. You're a constant source of joy, it seems, and it sooths my longing to search the depths and measures of misery and sorrow.
You are beautiful, and - for whatever it's worth - I am thankful for you.

Thanks for even the little things, like letting me know you like the pictures on my blog. =)