Thursday, June 09, 2011

Small Style #1

well, hello there!

I'm introducing a new regular feature around here. I'm actually jumping on board with Mama Loves Papa who I found via So Fawned (aren't blog connections fabulous? i originally found the Fawn via Jillian of The Noisy Plume. Jillian and I were besties back in high school, and now Desiree lives only a few hours down the highway from me. crazy world huh?)

oh! anyway, so the new feature is this. Small Style. I absolutely love getting miss Isla dressed for the day, so it will be fun to document it this way :)

t-shirt: Gerber
skirt & legging: Gap
flower bobby pin: H&M (this is really just one of mine)

I'm linking up here with Mama Loves Papa

Happy Thursday!


expatriababy said...

Oh my, your little miss is AH-DOR-ABLE!
Does the bobby pin flower stay in? It is incredibly sweet!

Jessie said...

Super cute skirt and leggings. I love this outfit :)

Morgan said...

Welcome to Small Style! So, so glad to have you participating!

Isla is so adorable and I love her name! Aren't little girls so much fun to dress?

ingrid said...

She is a little doll! I love sharing hair goodies with my girls too.