Thursday, June 16, 2011

Small Style #2

it's Thursday!!
as you can see we are pretty happy about it

yay! here we are back with the second edition of small style.

I really should have gotten some pictures on Sunday, but I forgot. This wasn't the best week for me remembering to take photos of wee Isla.

so here she is on Tuesday. ok, so maybe it doesn't look like she is wearing very much. I'm not sure what happened.
Earlier in the day she was wearing this:and these:
and a pair of cute slip on shoes that I can't find. I think that they are in the stroller, which is in the car.

but somehow the day ended in this
but the best part is that Isla is wearing a cloth diaper! We are finally using our cloth diapers. phew. it's been a long time coming, but more on that later!

shirt: George from Walmart
overalls: Osh Kosh from our lovely local consignment shop Boomerang kids
socks: Gagou Tagou
missing shoes: JoeFresh
diaper: cover-Thirsties, insert-Bummis prefold

and we're linking up here with Mama Loves Papa!
Happy Thursday!


Morgan said...

Isla is so adorable! So glad you're joining in again! :)

katevp-a said...

Thanks Morgan! Thanks for starting this! it's an awesome and very fun way to document little ones :)