Thursday, June 23, 2011

Small Style #3

It's Thursday!
Here's miss Isla on a little picnic stop.
we were on walk and she didn't seem to be too happy about being in the stroller, so we stopped and had some cereal, some puffed kamuts and a rice cracker.
after our little snack we rested

and then we had a bit more of a snack

it's been nice here in Ottawa this past week, not too humid, cool enough in the shade.
Isla and I have gone on a few walks. I'm trying to become a walkin' momma.

shirt-Carter's, thrifted

And you can find us linked up over here at Mama Loves Papa :)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely little girl. I can't wait until I can style Miss Isla. I hope she likes bows. :)

Love Auntie Dan

Anonymous said...

Keep up the walkin'!! Love the blog!

Jen K

katevp-a said...

thanks ladies!!

Auntie Rosie said...

love the small style kate! Can't wait to see wedding outfits!