Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small Style #10

wow! 10 weeks of small style already!
i am pretty happy about this way to document Isla, i was even thinking that it would be pretty cool to put all the weeks together in an iphoto or shutterfly book of some sort.

this past weekend we, the Geranium family, were off camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park.
Thom and I knew that Isla would do well with camping, because she usually adapts quite well to anything, but what we weren't expecting was how much she would LOV
E camping!
Because of all the people around Isla was laughing and completely entertained the entire time.
We went with a group of people from our lovely Church, and we shared a site with our friends Robyn and Noah and our friend Emma.
We are the only ones with a baby, so we weren't exactly sure how that would go either. But we were able to hang out on our friends' site, Mike and Kristen, who have 3 little ones, Meika, Sophie and
Joshua. since we were all up at 6:30, we hung out together drank much needed coffee and watched the girls play together.
small style this week comes from those early morning playdates.

isla in love with pushing Sophie's "bike" around

yup. those are some filthy hands!


more "bike" pushing

shirt: Old Navy (pj set, consigned)
splash pants: Please Mum (consigned, the morning we left, for $3)
shoes: Robeez (consigned)
push car: Little Tikes (borrowed from Sophie)

I'm linking up here with Mama Loves Papa.

***just a little note to say that the splash pants was the brilliant idea of Kristen. Her daughter Sophie was only crawling last summer and she said this was a morning/clothes life saver. Isla's hands and splash pants got filthy, but not her real clothes!

oh, and i am proud to say that we pretty much cloth diapered the whole camping trip :)
more on that challenge and accomplishment later.


erica @ expatriababy said...

OMG, I've totally been camping in Bon Echo park as a kid! How funny. I totally forgot about that. My family, and about 4 or 5 other families used to go every summer on these massive camping trips (and at least one year was in Bon Echo) and it was happy crazy wild kid fest funtimes!
Also. I adore that shirt. And the splash pants idea. Genius!

april@gingerbread said...

what a sweetie....i love the skeleton pj...wish i had a pair!

Kim said...

Camping with babies (and kids) is a trip isn't it? What are these splash pants??? How do I get my hands on some?

katevp-a said...

I think I saw the skeleton pj's at Halloween last fall, maybe old navy will have them again? it was lucky to find them second hand :)

Kim, splash pants are basically rain pants. not really sure why they are called splash pants, maybe all the puddle jumping?

ingrid said...

What a cutie! We have the gymboree version of those pjs and my daughter wears it as a top all the time too! It is way too cute to save for bedtime only.

Morgan said...

What great pictures! I'm so glad Isla had such a great time camping! My kids love it, too. I think it's everything kids love put together- being outside, getting dirty, and eating smores. :)