Monday, August 01, 2011

wedding bells

My lovely and beautiful sister Danielle was married to the man of her dreams on Saturday.

We had the most lovely day, with great weather, lots of friends and family.

It truly was a spectacular wedding. Thom commented that it will probably be the fanciest and swankiest wedding that we will ever attend.

Here is my sister and her husband Alex.

My family and I can often be heard saying: “we love Alex!”

He is the perfect match for my sister, it is so lovely to see her so happy and so confident and so in love.

3 years ago, Danielle and Alex met at the bachelor party of Alex’s twin brother Antoine.

It was fate as Alex rarely goes out to the bar and Danielle was pretty much forced to go out that evening with a friend. Sigh, the plans that God has for us!!

Danielle had to move to Calgary 2 months later for her first year of teaching, thus beginning what my dad called a truly modern romance. They dated via Skype, movie dates, dinner dates, tv show watchings, and my dad even met Alex over Skype. I first met Alex that Christmas as we all convened at my mom’s house in Hamilton. He was funny and charming and was thrown into Van Impe craziness right away, just as Thom was 3 years prior

I remarked to Thom last night about what a good match Alex is for Danielle and into our family, and to Thom as a brother-in-law. We are super blessed to have them only 2 hours away in Montreal.

Here are a good chunk of the Van Impe cousins (my mom’s side of the family)

From left to right behind the couch: Mary, Jen, Steve, Tom, Mike, Carly, Lauren, Amy

Sistas on the couch: Roslyn, Danielle and Me

Since I was in the wedding party and I forgot to give Thom my camera, there aren’t really any pictures of me or Isla who was so so cute and the best wedding baby that you ever saw!!

Here is the only photo I could find so far on Facebook of my little family.

In the foreground are my cousins Lauren and Mike.

Funny huh?

Once I get some more photos I’ll post some more.

Just wanted to say how much fun we had and how much we love my sister and her husband.

All photos are courtesy of my cousin Tom Van Impe.

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