Monday, March 12, 2012

a moment in motherhood:

i've been a little sick the past few days.

a little gastro bug.  i won't go into details,
as Lily from How I Met Your Mother says: "when it's stomach stuff, you just say "under the weather," or people start picturing you doing unspeakable things"

so i'm "under the weather"

anyhoo, i digress.

on Sunday when i was in bed, Thom was upstairs making dinner, and watching/playing with Isla, it was really nice to lay in bed and hear them playing.

she fell down at one point and cried for awhile, it was sweet to hear Thom comforting her and hearing her calm down.

then later i kept hearing her yelling and running back and forth along the hallway.
it made me smile. 

it's the small moments that make up motherhood isn't it?
(and i guess this is a moment in wifehood as well, as it was lovely to have my wonderful husband take care of me and hear him having so much fun with our daughter :)

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