Thursday, March 22, 2012

small style #42

holy moly the weather has been nice here in Ottawa!
+25 celsius and above so far this week :)

it's fun to see Isla loving to be outside!
Sunday after supper we went outside and Isla took her "baby" out for a walk.

seriously cute.

Isla is loving her baby these days. 
she carries her around and pats her back and reads to her.
it's lovely to think of miss Isla being a big sister.

shirt/dress: Outfitters Junior, thrifted ($2.99!!)
onesie: Carter's, consigned
leggings: Gap Kids
socks: Old Navy
shoes: Nike, borrowed
sunnies: Carter's, bought by Gramma Kiki

while it has been super duper warm around here,
it does look like it's going to get a bit cooler over the weekend,
i'm not too bothered, 
such hot weather so early in the year makes this preggie nervous about how hot the summer could be!
i am also usually a super sun safety conscious kind of lady,
but i keep forgetting to slap a hat on Isla's fair little head!
so i'm claiming it's because the heat crept up on me.


Lauren said...

Precious! Love those sunnies.

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

it is always so adorable when babies have their own baby carriages! so cute.

Meagan said...

Oh, she's too cute! My Isla really started loving on baby dolls around this age, so fun. She will be a wonderful big sister!