Saturday, March 17, 2012

a little truth time.

when Isla was sick in January i stayed home for a week with her.
it was lovely to be home for all that time with her :)

one of the mornings while she was napping and i was tidying up,
i had Joyce Meyer on in the background.
although i've never really listened her before or read any her books, i have friends who have, 
and i always appreciate the things that these ladies have shared.

this is what Joyce spoke about that morning:
she said; "why do we think that that if we feel a certain way we have to act that way?"

she was speaking about being angry or upset about something or with someone, and how we can feel like it gives us the right to speak harshly to someone, to make them feel as hurt or angry or upset as we feel.

it can be easy to feel like it is impossible to "perk up" or "snap out of it".
when we feel like this-we just feel like this, and it seems justifiable and fine.

but Joyce goes on to point out that if that if we can change for company,
we can indeed make a choice to do so in other times, with our spouse, kids, family and close friends.

how many other married couples can picture this:

where we're angry with Husband, (or just taking out misplaced anger on Husband)
and we're saying mean or harsh words
 and then the phone rings, or someone comes to the door and this is the conversation:
"oh hi!... yup, we're great.. how are you?"


that morning, listening to Joyce,
i felt challenged and excited to put this into practice.

i have found myself apologizing much quicker, as well as finding it easier, for things that i have said, or the way that i have been acting by reminding myself that i need to just change my attitude.

i find that i don't carry other annoyances or hurts that don't involve Thom, into our relationship.

this doesn't mean that i don't have hurts or angry feelings anymore,
but i am learning to talk about them as opposed to letting them rule my emotions.
this definitely is a learning to let the Holy Spirit fill my thoughts and heart and rule me :)

consider me a Joyce Meyer convert :)

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